VHS HEAD is the moniker of the current flagship artist of the incredibly influential Skam Records (the label that launched Autechre and Boards of Canada’s careers).  Noticed by Mary Anne Hobb’s in 2009 for her influential BBC1 showcase of experimental electronic music, VHS Head was catapulted into greater notoriety after being asked to perform a guest mix for the show.

Ade Blacow’s 18-year pileup of Pre-Cert, ex-rental and car boot video gems are the source of the luxurious sound montages, some stretched to make vibrant pads or clipped and sharpened for hard-hitting shots which punctuate and become the skeleton for his trademark sound. Every sword-clash, gunshot, scream and voice can last less than a second in the submerging cinematic experience which attain to each climactic track. Similarly referenced by Boards of Canada’s ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ album, a distinct 80s and video nasty theme is pertinent throughout the 29 year old artist’s back catalogue, to which you can only speculate as to where the initial driving inspiration generated.

From the stunning depth of Video Club with its disjointed rhythm patterns to the glittering tunes of his ‘Midnight Section’ EP, and the all-encompassing amalgamation of dreamlike melodies and fierce beats of the ‘Trademark Ribbons of Gold’ LP; VHS Head’s undeniably nostalgic breed of electronic music is reminiscent of early-morning channel surfing and worn out, overplayed, pirated cassettes which have seen better days. Warm, comforting idents and twisted 80s pop vocals are studded amongst snippets from classic horror and action scenes for a landscape which tells its own story.

His first full length album ‘Persistence of Vision’ is set for release in early 2014. With further enhancements to his previous path, this glittering beautiful, frightening and funky journey into VHS Head’s mind is set to push new boundaries and bring him to bigger audiences worldwide. 

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