Scheme Boy has been a major part of London’s breakcore and electronica scene for many years now. From humble beginnings as co-founder of Adverse Camber (responsible for the now infamous Awesome Power parties) to internationally recognised artist. Since his initial release on Ninja Columbo Records back in 2007, Scheme Boy has always tried to merge his love of melodic, acid tinged electronica with smashed up hardcore and DnB grooves.

Never one for sticking to any one style, a Scheme Boy set could take you through a variety of genres, tempos and sonic tapestries whilst never forgetting to keep you grooving along. Although the back catalogue of his releases would indicate a hardcore/breakcore artist (albeit a melodic one), its in his sets/mixes that you get to see the full spectrum of his sound which covers idm, wonky techno, dubstep, jungle, DnB and of course hardcore.

Previous releases have appeared on Ninja Columbo, Anticlone, Peace Off , Sustained Records and Nekrolog1k.  New releases as part of Undead Roniin (with The Teknoist) are about to drop on Ninja Columbo and the legendary Industrial Strength Records.

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