VAETXH // ROB CLOUTH is an artist of breathtaking talent – one of those people who love to explore every facet of their art. A professed explorer of technology, his inventiveness goes beyond complicated time signatures, elegant and complex sound design and pure musicality; and into the depths of the machines and software that creates the sound. His love of binaural recordings led him to creating his own recording devices and featuring his field recordings heavily in his tracks; creating sonic landscapes with true depth and visceral impact. His live sets incorporate circuit bent machinery, the randomised synthetic output of which feeds into his show. Rob Clouth is an artist exploring every possibility and tool within his reach to engineer his shimmering, beautiful and sometimes exceptionally destructive sound.

In his formative years, he was primarily listening to the complex sounds and structures of Mathrock, but he found his niche when he discovered a love of intense and complex electronic dance music, and subsequently started to produce himself. Many years have passed since those early beginnings, and now he is starting to truly establish himself as one of the possible next generation of revered pioneers in electronic music. His music has captured the attention of the likes of Richard Devine, who commissioned Rob to remix his ‘Plonked Spectral’ release on Detund, as well as Max Cooper, who stepped in to remix ‘Cloud Complex’ – a track released under his own name ‘Rob Clouth’. Both of these artists serve as fitting accomplices in Rob’s rise to notoriety, with elements of their sound reflected in his own – Richard Devine’s love of incredibly precise and detailed sound design, and Max Cooper’s ability to beautifully string together complex glitch into glorious melodic tracks.

To quote Toxin magazine: "One imagines that if Richard D. James, aka the Aphex Twin, decided to have a go at dubstep it'd sound something like this. It ain't dance music so much as an original style of experimental electronica which pushes the bounds of possibility further than ever before. Clever stuff."

He has released on the experimental Enig'matik records, King Deluxe, Detund and Schematic so far, as well as releasing under Rob Clouth for Traum. A big release awaits in 2014, with more details to follow.

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