PLASTER is an electronic music project that came into existence in Rome in 2008. Formed by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini; this duo’s love is one of sound both complex and texturally unique. Plaster’s music is mostly characterized by a sultry attitude, aiming to mix ambient music, deep beats and sharp angular noise. Their technique is attuned towards balancing rough sonic textures against the grain of the audio landscape, with each sound engineered to be starkly appealing, but also to hold great depth so that each sound can be interpreted and delved into as a story in itself.

Following a number of releases on the exploratory Kvitnu label, their path to date has culminated in releases on some of the most highly respected labels currently operating. These include the pioneering experimental Techno label, Stroboscopic Artefacts; and Andrea Parker’s seminal ‘Touchin’Bass’ label. Their first appearance on SA was through the Stellate compilation, alongside Dadub, Roll The Dice and Silent Servant; and releasing 2 tracks of pure heavy textural electronic exploration. Subsequently, a second dedicated release in Sept 2013 on the acclaimed Monad series confirmed plaster as an exemplary part of the SA family. Following this, the ‘Nemesis’ EP was launched on ‘Touchin’Bass’, exploring dark recesses of Electro and Techno.  Their final release for 2013 on the ‘SonuoS’ label, featured a remix of their track ‘Circular Mechanism’ by the legendary Substance.

Plaster are available for full AV sets in collaboration with LASAL, which have previously graced both the Berghain Kantine and Taipei’s incredible Onsite festival. Alternatively, Plaster are available for audio sets across the globe.

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